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Perception is reality

Perception is reality

In the modern world we are constantly bombarded with information, which we respond to almost instantly, forming opinions.

The way we speak, dress and act, the lifestyle decisions that we take, the job we do and the interests we  have shape other people's opinions of us - like it or not.

And the same applies to businesses. The goods or services you offer, the language and imagery you use in your communication, even the way you and your employees dress, all shape opinions. And once those instantly gained opinions are formed thay are hard to change.

That's why PR - the protection and enhancement of reputation through sustained effort - is all encompassing. It is not enough to put out funny press releases and organise good parties. Organisations must live and breathe their values and messages in every interaction - from the way the phone is answered to the content of a website or brochure.

So many times a business with great products is let down by poor service. And, in a porous society, where messages good and bad can spread across the internet in seconds, any action of a business or its employees has a PR impact.

Are you confident that your values run through everything your organisation says and does? Do your customer service claims stand scrutiny? Is your PR 'mirror' in good condition or are there cracks appearing?

Because, as the infamous superstition suggests, a broken mirror brings seven years bad luck.

And a broken communication strategy can have a similarly detrimental effect on your organisation.

Be careful with that mirror then...

Philip 10:33

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