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I blog, therefore I am...

I blog, therefore I am...

Welcome to the very first blog from Reverberate PR. We have incorporated a blog into our new website with the aim of providing commentary on relevant communication and PR issues as well as some dialogue on our activities.

You may be wondering what the point is (I'm sure you are not alone!) so I thought I would explore that in my first blog.

After all, many cynics out there still view blogging and tweeting with scepticism - something only entertained by those with too much time on their hands and an unhealthy interest in technology. And, though like many men I want the latest electrical gadgets, I certainly do not have too much time on my hands!

So why commit to starting a blog? Well so-called 'social media' mustn't be ignored, particularly when it comes to communicating your messages. Whether it is facebook on an iphone, twitter on a blackberry or blogging, people are now interacting with others with an immediacy that has never been possible in the past.

News, both good and bad, can spread rapidly and can be commented upon as it happens. For any organisation undertaking proactive public relations activity, these new channels of communication must be considered. For those dealing with a crisis situation, social media is critical. Witness BP and its response to the gulf oil spill crisis. Almost immediately individuals conveying controversial messages about BP's attitudes and response were setting up twitter accounts and writing blogs.

@BPGlobalPR, a satirical tweet, has almost 165,000 followers and, whilst humorous, shows the potential damage that can be done if an organisation forgets social media tools in its fight to protect reputation.

So, whilst I am in no way pretending to be an expert at this stage, I feel that we need to embrace the technology so that we better understand these new mechanisms for communication. For in the future, traditional forms of communication are likely to be diminished in relevance through the porosity and prevalence of social interaction over the internet. And, as a communicator, that both fascinates and intrigues me…

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