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Move is a four letter word...

Move is a four letter word...

Over the last two weeks we have been moving. Now, as those who know us would be aware, we are not ones to do things by halves, so not only have we moved house we have also moved the business. And we are not talking about a simple move to the next street here. Oh no, when we decide to move we do it properly, so we have relocated family and business from Cheshire to Devon.

I know - you are thinking that we are mad. Deranged. In need of help.

Well perhaps I should explain. Way back in the distant past we lived in the South West. We like it and it is where we have family and friends. But work dragged us away for what was meant to be a two year 'career development' move. That was nine years ago and we had an itch to get back near the sea.

Won't moving affect your clients, you are undoubtedly thinking. Well the answer is a categorical no. We have a geographically diverse client base so spend a lot of time travelling to see clients anyway. For sure we have clients in Cheshire and the surrounding counties, but we also have clients in Yorkshire, Somerset, Dorset, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Wight, London and Eire so our location doesn't really matter as we tend to travel to clients rather than vice versa.

So we have bitten the proverbial bullet and moved back to Devon. As always with these things life is never simple. Solicitors turn up complicated legal issues that will "never be solved" and then mysteriously those same issues are solved several weeks later without any explanation. BT agrees to move your business broadband and telephone lines and then sends you confirmation that it will visit to install your new line at your old premises on the day after you've moved out. After what seems like hours of patient explaining to BT with little apparent progress they then send you a customer service questionnaire to see how you rate them. Our responses weren't pretty and left BT in no doubt where they could stick their telephone if only they could work out where it was.

And that is just the half of it. We have now been without broadband for 7 days and we are told it will be at least 3 more until it is available, despite BT's original assurances that it would be switched over to the new telephone line within four hours! Borrowing wireless connections from relatives, friends and fast food outlets is not exactly conducive to productivity!

So, all in all it hasn't been exactly a ball, and move hasn't been the only four letter word uttered at times. But now it is done and normal life can hopefully resume.

One thing is for certain though. Devon folk will be putting up with us for some time yet.

Because I don't ever intend to move again.

Written by Philip at 16:39


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