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Writer's block

Writer's block

The last week has seen me sat behind my computer trying to write. That's not a strange occurrence for someone who makes a living from writing and communication, but nevertheless the intensity of writing activity has been somewhat higher than normal in recent days.

And I have been suffering from writer's block. For some reason the words just haven't been flowing. I've started articles and had to stop and start again. My two-fingered typing style has become three-fingered as my little finger has become adept at stretching for the top right key marked 'delete' - so much so that I am sure that RSI will soon set in.

I've tried making tea. I've procrastinated. I am completely up to date with phone calls and my desk is as tidy as it has been in months. The petty cash box even balances.

But, of course, none of this has helped.

And yet I have somehow made it through. In the end, a solemn desire to get the job done and done well has prevailed and inspiration has materialised. Deadlines have been met and out of the mediocrity that was developing has emerged work that I am quietly pleased to call my own.

Sometimes you need a little pressure to deliver what you are capable of, don't you think?

Tea anyone?

Written by Philip at 08:24


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