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A welcome break

A welcome break

We've recently taken a much needed family holiday in the New Forest. It's always interesting to see people's reactions when discussing holiday plans. It tends to go something like this "The New Forest, how lovely. Where are you staying?". Then I can almost see the light dim in their eyes when I reply "We've got a caravan". They struggle for a suitable response and I can see they are thinking 'rather you than me'!

To be perfectly honest, up until a few years ago that would have been my reaction too. The thought of four people in a confined space for even a week just can't work, can it?

Having a husband who grew up caravanning, he was keen to convert me just as soon as the children were old enough. I have to admit to being very sceptical. As far as I was concerned caravanning was one step removed from camping. And I don't do camping!

However I was pleasantly surprised - caravans today have all the mod-cons: cooker, fridge, TV, microwave, shower and even a proper toilet (well, almost proper!)

So now whenever we take a break it's invariably in the caravan. The thing that has surprised me the most is how truly relaxing caravan holidays are - the children love it and we get to spend some really good quality family time together.

In addition, we are now able to leave the business in Lauren's very capable hands so we can really switch off and enjoy our time away without having to worry.

So now we're back, fully refreshed and ready to tackle the ever varied and interesting challenges that running your own business presents. We are also preparing for our newest employee to start in September who, just to keep things simple, is also called Lauren!

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