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Anyone for coffee?

Anyone for coffee?

I decided on Saturday night to hold a Macmillan coffee morning next week as part of their 'worlds biggest coffee morning' fundraiser. 

The first call was to my mother-in-law (chief coffee maker and lemon drizzle cake producer), I had to check she was free on that particular morning, and asked her if she could perhaps drum up some support from her large West Dorset farming family.

Right, invites. I typed a text message and sent it to all family members who have mobile phones (age range 20-45). My phone crashed twice trying to send the message to so many people at once, notifying me simultaneously that the message had failed to send, whilst at the same time also placing it in my sent items folder. Hmmm, has anyone actually got the message?

I decided to cover all bases and logged onto my computer and sent an email to the same people. A few came back 'undeliverable' and thinking about it I wondered how many of them actually checked their emails regularly…

The next evening, I decided to ring a few people to check if they had got the message and told their friends. My dear old mobile apparently had come up trumps and my message had limped to all my friends' phones. Now all I needed to do was call some of the older generation to ask them to keep the date free.

Amazing. Aunty H had been told at church by my Mum, my mother-in-law had also already phoned her, and her daughter (text recipient) had mentioned it to her at Sunday lunch as well.

Aunty P had been told by her daughter (text recipient) at Sunday lunch, my mother-in-law had also called in and told her and Aunty P had already passed on the message to her other daughter and some other family members in the village.

And so it went on.

I think this proves why the older generation, in this part of West Dorset anyway, don't keep up, or actually see the point of keeping up with email, facebook or even mobile phones. Perhaps because the activities of rural life, for them, provide a very effective means of communication and news probably travels far quicker and more reliably round West Dorset by word of mouth than by any other means…

Had better start batch baking chocolate brownies…

Written by Lauren G at 00:00


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