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Change your viewpoint

Change your viewpoint

Have you ever really wanted to do something but felt that it was outside your reach? Perhaps you've admired a sports star, a successful business person or somebody with particular creative skills such as an artist or a musician. Maybe you feel that you would like to achieve similar but that it is too hard, carries too many risks? 

Well here's the thing - most people who have achieved great things in their chosen field have, at some point, taken a risk. They have intentionally done something different to the norm. They have followed their own path.

I'm a keen photographer and there is an analogy here between taking great photographs and making important decisions that will help you realise your dreams. Frequently, when showing my photos to others I get a positive response, swiftly followed by the exclamation "You must have a good camera!"

And yet the difference between a good photo and a bad one, something that may make the front page of a newspaper compared to something that is just a snapshot, has little to do with the mechanics of the machine on which it was taken, and everything to do with the creative interpretation of the photographer - their viewpoint, their angle of approach, how they have interpreted the light and their own personal perspective.

Often the very best photos come from the most difficult circumstances, whether that be an early morning walk to be in the right place for the dawn light or from the photographer putting themselves in a difficult and perhaps dangerous position to get that ultimate shot - the one that no-one else has got.

Great photographers work hard and take risks. They are never satisfied and are always looking for alternative compositions, exposure, light. Isn't that approach to taking a picture similar, albeit on a smaller scale, to the approach taken by those who realise their dreams?

Sometimes you need to have a different point of view to others, to see a situation from a different angle.

So, if you woke up this morning dreading another day at work and wishing that you were following your dreams instead then do something about it. Today! Do not fear your dreams and continue to follow a safe path. Change your viewpoint. Look at things in a different light and perhaps the picture you end up with will be better than the one you're looking at now.

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