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Do you tweet?

Do you tweet?

And what are we doing about social media? The favourite question that features in PR and communication planning meetings up and down the land. Do the words twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn send a shiver down your spine? Or is the world of 'tweets' and 'likes' one that you are embracing whole-heartedly?

Social media has exploded with the smart phone market, making social media accessible to the masses. But what actually is it and why should your business do it?

Well, social media is a fun way of engaging and having a virtual conversation with your customers, potential customers, people in your industry and other like-minded people in general. It allows you to become part of a community that talk, share, comment, network and generally interact with each other.

Most companies now recognise the power of social media, even if they are not participating. So why should you get involved? There are several compelling reasons: 

  • Helps builds awareness of your company and brand and can influence how people view you.
    Gets you closer to your customers. Learn about their needs then respond. Discuss, converse, debate. 
  • Keeps you in touch with your industry, media and competitors. 
  • Is typically less expensive than traditional advertising. 
  • Gets messages out fast - assuming you are connected to potential and existing customers, you can instantly let them know your news 
  • It has huge scope - Facebook has over 500 million active users (that's users who have returned to the site in the last 30 days) and twitter has around 300 million registered accounts. That's a lot of people. 
  • Can you afford not to? We've seen how campaigns can spread through social media, for example the recent 'not in my cuppa' campaign from WSPA has appeared across the web and touched many audiences that would not normally have been aware of the campaign. By participating in social media you have the opportunity to interact and offer a counter opinion.

So do you think it's for you? Many Reverberate clients are now established on twitter and Facebook and are building quite a following. If you'd like to find out more give us a call… 

Written by Lauren C at 08:15


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