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It is all in a keystroke...

It is all in a keystroke...

For me the least favourite part of my job is the accounts. About once a month I arm myself with a strong coffee and a packet of biscuits and sit down to do battle with the Reverberate finances.

Now, I can cope with entering receipts and outgoings, paying the wages and sorting out the expenses - it's a bit tedious but not too problematic. The part I really struggle with is the reconciliation. That's the bit where the amount in my cash bookshouldequal the amount in the bank - I usually click the reconcile button, shut my eyes and hold my breath! On the very rare occasions when the two figures are the same, a little party normally ensues.

More often than not the two figures don't match and, after a bit of cursing and investigation, I can normally locate the problem (an unticked box or a missed entry) and, hey presto, my balances reconcile. Well, when I say they reconcile, they do, apart from that elusive penny. The penny that has completely disappeared into the ether. The penny that I can't find for love nor money but have just learnt to live with as one of the little foibles of my accounts.

However, this month, when I hit the reconcile button something strange happened. I had inadvertently managed to enter a receipt for the year 0210 instead of 2010. No problem I thought, I'll just delete it. However, for some reason known only to its creators, my accounting system will only let me go back as far as 1980. So I now have this rather absurd situation where I can, apparently, make entries for any date I choose but only edit entries between 1980 and 2050! You see my problem…

This leads me to conclude just how important every single keystroke is - whether it be an important communications message, an email to a friend or, as in my case, numerical data. A very simple mistake can cause untold chaos, drastically change a meaning or just totally misrepresent your income!

Now we have a dilemma - do we employ an IT consultant to sort out our accountancy issue, or do we just change our website to say 'established in 210 AD'?

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