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Settling in nicely, thank you…

Settling in nicely, thank you…

I sit here a month into my new role with Reverberate PR, surrounded by new office furniture, a nice laptop, a shiny printer and all the stationery I will ever need in a lifetime. But I also have something else that didn't come from Ikea or PC World - a new motivation.


It has been a whirlwind few weeks since I started - meeting clients, working on new leads and re-familiarising myself with the world of agriculture, food and farming. I've joined the Reverberate team at an exciting time. There are some great projects underway with existing clients and hopefully some new ones not too far away. I am certainly not going to be short of work!


As well as switching to the world of consultancy, my new role has bought with it another big lifestyle change - working from home. I would like to assure everyone that knows me that it isn't all tracksuits and slippers! The biggest discovery has been how much more productive I am. Gone are the hours and minutes wasted each day simply choosing what to wear, driving to and from work in rush hour traffic, going to the coffee machine or discussing last night's Eastenders. Thanks to Skype I don't feel lonely at all and being out and about meeting clients means I appreciate the times when I'm working from home and when I'm not.


So, as I sit in my conservatory office in the peace and quiet, I feel focused, motivated and very much looking forward to the future with Reverberate.

Written by Lauren C at 10:11


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