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"Young man, there's no need to feel blue…" the words of that well known 1970's disco anthem by The Village People reached my ears as my nine year old daughter sang at the top of her voice. I was a little surprised at her choice of song (it's normally Taylor Swift or Katy Perry!) until the next line hit me … " I say, hey now, your car insurance is due…" and I realised she was singing the latest car insurance advert from! Her brother then joined in and for the next ten minutes or so I was subjected to the whole jingle performed with actions, several times over, and was left in no doubt as to the best place to renew my car insurance! 

However, it got me thinking about the power of advertising. An easily remembered advert with a catchy tune or humour can really help sell products. As an example just look at's iconic adverts. Who doesn't know Aleksandr the meerkat and his catchphrase, "simples"? Aleksandr now has a cult following. He has his own website, which, by the way, is hilarious - obviously I had to check it out in the name of research. He also has his own twitter and facebook accounts with more than 50,000 followers. What great publicity for! And, if you purchase a policy from them, you can claim a free meerkat cuddly toy, although even I had to draw the line somewhere! But I wonder how many people have been persuaded to change insurance companies on this premise?

Much as I love Aleksandr the meerkat, for me in recent times, the best adverts by far have got to be those from Yeo Valley. First we had the rapping farmers - as far as I was concerned it was going to be impossible to better that. I stand corrected. 'The Churned', Yeo Valley's boy band took the country by storm with thousands of young girls (and grown women!) swooning over Aiden, Matt, Zak and Bradley as they performed their 'hit' single, Forever.

I think it is fair to say that the Yeo Valley ads have the potential to do for yogurts what Delia Smith did for omelette pans!

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