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Spare a thought...

Spare a thought...

It is very nearly Christmas - season of goodwill to all men. Many of us will be looking forward to spending time with family and friends, enjoying lots of nice food and the exchanging of presents. Some of us might even venture to church, to remember what Christmas is really all about.

But unfortunately, there are many people who don't look forward to Christmas. And this year in particular, some of those are farmers or are involved in the agricultural industry.

Times are tough for farmers, you see. The exceptionally wet weather of the last year has given rise to a huge number of problems for those involved in producing food and this has been compounded by massive volatility in input prices and difficulties with cash flow. Many farmers are, regrettably, at the end of their tether.

It is an unfortunate fact that farming has one of the highest suicide rates of any profession. And this year is worse than normal. It is a lonely, physically demanding job, and when nature and the economy conspire against you as they have in recent months, it is perhaps no surprise that desperation takes over.

So as you sit down to your Christmas turkey with all the trimmings (all of which will have been grown or reared for you by a farmer somewhere) spare a thought for what they are currently dealing with. Find a quiet moment to silently wish them all well and say thank you. Better still, if you've got any spare change left over after all the present shopping, donate it to one of the many farming charities that are doing such sterling work supporting the rural community.

We all rely on farmers and have them to thank for keeping our countryside beautiful and our cupboards full of food. But they are generally taken for granted. This Christmas make that different. Find out how at

Happy Christmas! 

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