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Starting social media

Starting social media

Working in agricultural PR, I feel it is my duty to ensure that everyone makes the most of all the communication channels available to their business. To many smaller businesses, social media can play a significant role in advertising and generating goodwill towards your brand, and what's more, you don't need a big budget to do it!


Here are my top tips for social media novices:


  1. Just start using it: register for twitter and facebook, follow people you know and businesses in your location/industry sector. Watch how people are making social media work for them and think about how you could make these tools could work for you.


  1. Understand how it works: a key thing to remember is that roughly 1% of users add new content, another 9% share that content and the other 90% just consume content. That means that a) it's really ok just to listen to what other people are saying when you start off and b) when you are ready to start posting information, you will reach a lot more people than you think you are!


  1. Think before starting to post content - identify who you are trying to reach and what you want to achieve through social media. Write a list of things your posts need to achieve (this might be generating bookings, creating awareness of your brand or establishing your position on a certain topic). Once you have this list make sure all of your posts cover at least one of these aims.



So, if you haven't already, start your journey into the world of social media today, and start clicking on all those little blue facebook and twitter icons.  You probably won't fully understand it until you actually start using it yourself… and then the possibilities are endless!

Written by Lauren G at 13:41


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