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The joys of rural internet

The joys of rural internet

As I sit here at my desk wondering whether my internet connection will crash again before the end of today, I have to concede that as much as I love living in the depths of rural England… rural internet is rubbish.

Farmers Weekly have cited it as a key issue for the new agricultural minister, Owen Paterson, to address and I wholeheartedly agree that it must be a priority as the government and the rest of the world move towards internet based form-filling. Even general web browsing is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more sites (quite rightly) embed video into their communications.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though as superfast broadband continues to be installed in rural areas - as well as the imminent arrival of 4G next year, a solution that is likely to be the quicker, cheaper and more accessible option for many.

So until then I will have to continue to block out Sunday nights on my calendar to sit down and watch Downton Abbey in real time through my good old fashioned  television aerial. The thought of missing a classic line from Maggie Smith as my broadband tries desperately to keep up with the action on an itv player re-run is just too much to bear…

Written by Lauren G at 14:00


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