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Professional development...

Professional development...

After a month mostly spent writing papers for my CIPR diploma, typing this blog seems like a guilty pleasure - how dare I write down my own thoughts, without backing them up with theoretical evidence?! 

Although the writing and researching meant I forfeited a lot of Christmas TV (don't worry, I've recorded Downton), dissecting and looking at the history of PR theory was really interesting and helped me to pinpoint what's important in our profession.

What I realised is that PR can make a real difference to company performance if the communications team is included in the board's business strategy discussions.

It also reinforced that it's not enough to just tell people what you are doing. Two way communication is key to good engagement and, whilst it's potentially easier with the evolution of social media, it is still not generally used to its full potential.

Really, it's all about reputation and the above factors are a good place to start. Ultimately, a superior reputation can translate into better business opportunities, more (free) press coverage and the possibility of attracting better staff - equally valuable whether you are a multi-national or an individual farm business.

I'll report back again after my next assignment…


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