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Upgrading to iOS7

Upgrading to iOS7

It is just possible that I might be considered by some to be a bit of an Apple fan-boy, although I would dispute the point. For sure, I am a long term Apple computer user (10 years and counting) and I have an iPhone and an iPad. But none of those things make me exactly unique in 2013, do they?

And, whilst I am enthusiastic about the latest Apple gadget, I've never been found queuing for days waiting to get my hands on one. Indeed, I resisted the iPhone for about two years before finally conceding defeat and ditching my long suffering Blackberry.

My reason for using Apple products is simple - they work. When I first started Reverberate,  a fellow PR advised me that the most important thing to do was find myself a good IT support person - something we have so far avoided in almost six years of operating. Every day my computer is switched on, it does what it needs to do and then it is switched off - with little fuss or drama. What's more, I still own my original Apple laptop from 10 years ago and, whilst it is no longer my 'daily driver', it still works flawlessly and with reasonable pace - not something you can say about many ten year old PCs!

So my enthusiasm for Apple products is based on experience. I don't like technology for technology's sake but where it makes my life easier I'm all for it - and that is something that my Apple products have consistently done.

It might come as little surprise, therefore, to find that I was keenly awaiting the latest iOS update, having heard that it would bring some useful new features. I waited patiently for it to download (slow rural broadband being the limiting factor here) and quickly tried out the new operating system.

I was rapidly elected as guinea pig for the family, with others holding back to see if the new iOS would make devices hopelessly slow or dysfunctional. But it seems I'm not alone. I've read online (so it must be true!) that almost 60 per cent of Apple devices worldwide were running iOS7 within a week of it being made available. Considering that early iPads and iPhones are not compatible that is a pretty startling stat.

But I have to say that, other than initially reeling in shock at the new psychedelic colour scheme, I like it. It looks fresh. It is familiar and yet completely new. It makes the old iOS look instantly dated and feel a little clunky. I still swipe left to right to delete emails in my inbox, only to remember that I can now only swipe right to left for this functionality, and I'm finding the calendar a little fiddly to use, although it does look nicer. But other than that I'm happy that my iPhone will continue to make life easier without frustrating me at every turn.

Maybe I am an Apple fan-boy after all?

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