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Using video to tell a story

Using video to tell a story

Earlier this year we were sat in a review meeting with one of our long standing clients and we were discussing how to bring their factory operations to life for their customers and potential customers.

The most obvious route - hosting factory tours - is hugely popular, but not incredibly practical, either from a health and safety point of view or from the fact that it takes considerable time and interrupts production.

So we suggested that we make a short video to explain the process from raw materials to finished animal feed. When we reflected on this, we realised that to do this in an engaging way, and in a short video, was going to be quite a challenge!

We very quickly decided that time-lapse photography was the way to go. For those not familiar with this technique, it involves taking still images at regular intervals, which are then put together into a movie format. By varying the frequency of image capture you can create different effects and also influence the duration of each clip.

Our brief was simple - show what it is that the business does - from making and delivering animal feed to on-farm support. Ideally we wanted to capture all of this is less than two minutes so that the video was likely to be watched right through - long videos on the web switch people off really quickly in our experience.

Having agreed the best approach, we found ourselves embarking on a two-day shoot in early February, hoping that the weather would be kind. And, despite the fact that it snowed one afternoon, we managed to get all the necessary footage.

To show a day in the life of the business we started at 3.30am, when the first delivery lorries leave the site, and tried to capture dawn to give some sense of it being a 24/7 operation. We mounted cameras in the cabs of lorries to follow the journey out to farm, in various places around the yard and factory, and even on a fork lift truck. Having captured hours and hours of footage, we then had the challenge of editing it all together to make it a coherent story.

You can check out the end result here 

As you will see, we interspersed elements of real time filming, as we found that some parts of the story simply didn't work well as time-lapse as there wasn't enough happening, or it happened too quickly.

Anyway, we are quite proud of the end result, as it is our first production of this kind. The video is now being used on the client's website and as an introduction in customer presentations and has been very well received to date, which is great news.

For those that are interested in the techie details, the film was shot on a Nikon D800 using the built in interval timer, with some supplementary shooting on a Panasonic HC-X800. We used Manfrotto camera supports and captured all the footage on Sandisk media.

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