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I'm purple...

I'm purple...

I'm purple, or at least I'm about half red and half blue, when it comes to communication. That's what I found out during my induction at Reverberate PR earlier this month.

I'm not suggesting that's all I learnt, far from it. During the induction we covered the ways Reverberate work, and it's culture of informal professionalism. We discussed how to challenge clients whilst at the same time fully supporting them, and Phil and Mel talked about always giving clients sound advice, even if it means less or no work for us. Above all, it became really clear that at the heart of everything Reverberate does is the philosophy that our clients' interests are always put first and foremost.

But going back to the purple thing. What it actually means is I'm a combination of a 'red' communicator and a 'blue' communicator. I found this out during a fun, quick test I did as a break from some of the more in-depth discussions, and it showed me that my strengths lie in getting to the crux of a problem quickly and efficiently (red), that I'm naturally competitive (red), that I can see the possibilities in others (blue) and that I'm great at bringing people together (blue).

Whilst the test was a really just a bit of fun (but yet uncannily on the mark I think!) I was really pleased to learn that the team at Reverberate has people of pretty much every colour, and their skill sets, covered. And working with such a lively, diverse team is actually one of the things I'm most looking forward to at Reverberate PR. Bring on the yellows and greens!

Written by Emily Ball at 12:15


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