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Welcome to the world of agricultural PR

Welcome to the world of agricultural PR

Want to know what life is like working as an Account Executive for a busy agricultural PR company? Please read on…

As the most recent addition to the Reverberate PR team, I thought it would be interesting to share with readers my experiences as an Account Executive over the last few months, and hopefully shed some light on what it's like to work within the agricultural PR sector.

For someone who is relatively new to the industry, the last few months have proven to be a steep learning curve. However, whilst getting to grips with a new job role, a new team and a new working environment have all been challenging, employment within the agricultural PR sector has proven to be incredibly varied and rewarding.

My first team meeting in November last year was a real eye opener, as I got my first insight into just how busy Reverberate PR are and was fully briefed on all of the various clients that I would be working with. It was a lot of information to take on board and, as the rest of the team discussed all the different communication tasks that would be coming up over the year, I knew that I was going to be a busy boy!

The first couple of months before Christmas passed by rapidly as I travelled around the country (even finding time to pop over to Ireland) with my new boss, Managing Director Phil Gibson, to attend as many client meetings as possible and gain a thorough understanding of all the businesses that the company works with.

During this period, I also got the chance to do my first farm visit for Reverberate alongside Phil, which - whilst somewhat nerve wracking - was a great experience and I enjoyed chatting to the farmer in question and writing up the subsequent farmer testimonial for one of our clients to use in their promotional material.

As someone who loves writing and has previous experience of putting together freelance written features for agricultural publications, I soon found myself taking on a variety of written communication tasks; from press releases and newsletter articles to the odd blog and editorial piece. Researching and then putting together a compelling piece of writing is incredibly rewarding and I relish the variety of written communication tasks that I get to tackle in my role with Reverberate PR.

It was all proving to be challenging work and, whilst at the end of each day my head would often ache from taking on board so much new information, by the Christmas break I felt that I was making good progress and getting to grips with everything.  

However, the New Year came about all too swiftly and I soon sound myself trying to master a whole new host of skills, essential for putting together compelling communication projects within the agricultural PR industry.

Now, I used to class myself as a decent photographer, but Phil started to provide me with technical training on the subject matter and I soon realised that I had much to learn! He also really challenged me to improve the quality of the photos that I took and think more about the way in which a picture can help reinforce an idea communicated in writing. This advice, coupled with Reverberate PR's fantastic photographic equipment has really helped to improve my photography.

In February, I also got the chance to support the creation of a video - shot on farm - for feed company ForFarmers, who were looking to promote a new livestock product range.

There is a lot more to shooting a short film than I first imagined, and the whole Reverberate PR team worked together to plan the schedule of the day, arrange for client staff members to be present on farm for filming, put together a script, film the feature and then edit all the footage down into a eye catching, interesting video.

Videos are something that the company does incredibly well (see a previous example here) and I am sure that I will be getting more involved with the production process in the future.

Since the New Year I have also been carrying out a lot more farm visits, written thousands of words worth of copy and spent more hours travelling the country in a Land Rover Defender than I ever imagined I would!

Overall, it has been challenging, but rewarding time and I am sure that there is still a lot for me to learn as I continue to develop my role within the agricultural PR industry. 


Written by James Marshall at 14:35


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