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Using video for virtual farm walks

A different approach to farm workshops

As a dairy management consultancy business, Kite Consulting is a leader in their field and we are delighted to have helped them for many years with their marketing and PR.

So, when they came to us with a communication challenge, we were only to happy to help! Kite needed to demonstrate practical calf-rearing approaches to a large number of dairy farmers, without actually going on a farm.

In an ideal world, this project would have involved farm visits, but the scale of the project and the fact that it involved farmers from across the UK meant that it simply wasn't practical to do that.

So, how could Kite demonstrate practical calf-rearing approaches to groups of farmers without actually visiting any farms?

To showcase the breadth and diversity of calf rearing systems, we helped them to develop a four-part video series of “virtual farm walks”. The videos we created included footage of systems in practice and explanations from the farmers involved about how and why they used that particular management approach.

The videos eliminated many of the problems that farm visits hold for Kite, including biosecurity concerns, the logistics of planning and arranging multiple visits, and accessibility to farmers. Shown across the country in local pubs and village halls, the content of the films were tailored to meet the needs of each audience and proved to be an invaluable resource in encouraging discussions and showcasing best practice to a wider audience than ever before. 




When it comes to looking at and discussing best practice in an area such calf rearing nothing beats seeing it on-farm. But the reality and logistics of getting 60 plus farmers on-farm to see the breadth of variety within calf rearing systems in the UK was proving to be nearly impossible. The videos have been a great way to keep farmers engaged, bring a situation alive and, above all, ensure the right information is conveyed in a hugely accessible format."

Tony Jackson, Kite Consulting

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