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Harmony? Really?

The Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP, has launched a vision for the future of British agriculture which features the word ‘harmony’ in the title. Foolish optimism, perhaps? Our MD, Philip Gibson, looks at what it is all about…
Written by Philip at 15:43

Using video to tell a story

Earlier this year we were sat in a review meeting with one of our long standing clients and we were discussing how to bring their factory operations to life for their customers and potential customers.
Written by Philip at 11:53

Living in a 'not-spot'...

Recent weeks have seen MPs on the parliamentary affairs committee slate the government's project to bring superfast broadband to rural areas. The project has been criticised as being ineffective, ponderous and a waste of tax payers' money, as all of the contracts have been awarded to BT, effectively reinforcing their monopoly position on fixed line fibre broadband.
Written by Philip at 17:13

Upgrading to iOS7

It is just possible that I might be considered by some to be a bit of an Apple fan-boy, although I would dispute the point. For sure, I am a long term Apple computer user (10 years and counting) and I have an iPhone and an iPad. But none of those things make me exactly unique in 2013, do they?
Written by Philip at 14:23

Spare a thought...

It is very nearly Christmas – season of goodwill to all men. Many of us will be looking forward to spending time with family and friends, enjoying lots of nice food and the exchanging of presents. Some of us might even venture to church, to remember what Christmas is really all about.
Written by Philip at 21:30

I must be getting old

Philip ponders premature ageing following an unusual drive…
Written by Philip at 10:40

Celebrating success

Philip reflects on the recent Farmers Weekly awards…
Written by Philip at 09:48

Communicating in a crisis...

Lessons to be learned from the recent European food poisoning outbreak
Written by Philip at 10:09

A time for change…

If the dairy industry wants to win public support, farmers must get on the front foot and communicate better...
Written by Philip at 11:48

The future’s Orange (with pink bits)

Philip can’t understand why his mobile phone provider didn’t share good news with him directly…
Written by Philip at 09:11


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The Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP, has launched a vision for the future of British agriculture which features the w…
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